QuestionI am a community college student, but want to apply to Parsons as a freshman, because I want to learn the basics of fashion design in Parsons rather than in my current college (of which the fashion program is not qualified at all). Is it even possible? Also, if that can be my choice, what should I mark on my application, transfer or freshman student, inferred that I've already earned most liberal art credits? Answer

I have no idea. 

in general if you have questions about the application process or how to apply, you should contact The New School directly. They will be able to give you the most accurate information and answer all of your questions.


QuestionHey, sorry that this isn't relevant to you, but I saw you had an anonymous asking about GCSE's and how it would affect their application for Parsons. I'm a British student who got accepted last year and deferred to 2015, so I know about the application process for Brits. So they read this, they could always ask me if they wanted to know anything about it :) Answer

this is definitely relevant :)

UK Anon - message this person if you have questions about the application process!



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QuestionHi! So I'm applying for BFA/BA program for Eugene Lang and Parsons and I was just wondering if you know anything about the workload compared to the regular BFAs and BAs separately? Also per year how much money is given averagely in financial aid and or merit scholarships? Like if I have good grades and a good SAT score will I be awarded a decent about of merit money? So many questions sorry but thank u Answer

The work load is crazy for the BFA/BA, even more intense than Parsons. It is also a 5 year program (compared to 4). You will also be taking 21 credits a semester compared to 15-18 credits. 

I cannot answer your question about scholarships since there is not real exact formula on how much money you receive. It depends on grades, SAT scores, your portfolio, your family’s financial situation etc. There is no average to how much money students receive, since every student as a different situation. I know students that have most of their tuition covered and students that have no scholarships at all. It just all depends. 


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QuestionI am stressing out on this application. My portfolio day is coming up and I feel like I do not have enough work to show them. I am trying to do the early action, if thats what you call it, and the due date is nov. 1st and I still havent done my challenge or even have an idea of what to do. I am just so confused and stressed and feel like I do not have enough time but I need to make this date. Do you think you could help me mostly on the challenge part? Answer

college applications are stressful. I remember. 

I think people are intimated by the parsons challenge because they take it too seriously. I did mine in a few days (I don’t recommend you do this but if it can be done). Don’t over think it. That will just stress you out more. Just think about something you over look or don’t pay much attention to. Something that you take for granted. Something that you need to complete your every day life. I mean I chose running water/clean water (if that helps at all). Just relax.


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QuestionJust stumbled upon your blog and your FAQ is just what I am looking for. I am thinking of enrolling in parsons in fall 2016 ( I know that's some time away) but from what I have seen it seems to be THE school of my dreams. I am from Europe and even doe I have read a lot about it I still don't fully understand the procedure I have to go through as also I can't find specified portfolio instructions. I'm thinking if attending the photography or product design class. Any suggestions? Ty in advance Answer

What about the procedure do you have questions about? Like the application process? You submit an application online - which usually consists of you filling out a basic college/university application, your transcripts from your school, a college essay (i can’t remember if Parsons requires one or not), letters of recommendation. 

About the portfolio - its is a portfolio of your work. You put in it what you want to put in it. It ca be painting, drawings, sculpture, photos, whatever. Remember that there is no longer a direct entry into photography option so you have to go through foundation year. This being said you need to have a bit more in your portfolio then just photographs. 

There is also the Parsons challenge which you can find out about in their application. When I did it was required us to make a 3 piece series of something we overlook in our every day lives. 

As far as standardized tests - I know you have to TOEFL and the SAT. You should contact or look at the international student services office. They will be able to tell you what is required of international students when they apply.

This being said, you are looking too far in advanced. The school you are in now will most likely give you LOTS of information about applying to colleges/uni. Not saying you shouldn’t ask questions now but honestly the best way is just to contact the admissions office at Parsons. They will be able to help you the most with what is required for the application. 


"I read PARSONS PROBLEMS every day. It makes me feel connected to you. Even though V is hosting it now. They are an absolute rock star. Their advise full of intelligence, common sense, WIT and sarcasm has gotten me to know your dear dear friend better. They are great. Please share that with them. Can’t wait to hang with you two next year."
— C’s mother (via parsonsproblems)

C’s mom is one of my favourite people.

"I read PARSONS PROBLEMS every day. It makes me feel connected to you. Even though V is hosting it now. They are an absolute rock star. Their advise full of intelligence, common sense, WIT and sarcasm has gotten me to know your dear dear friend better. They are great. Please share that with them. Can’t wait to hang with you two next year."
— C’s mother
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QuestionHi. How are you? I'm planning to enroll in the architecture design program, is it same as architecture? And about the portfolio, I was extremely shocked/depressed to know that I had to do it.. See, I suck big time at everything art and I have no previous work, and that's why I enrolled, to learn to do art. And what I love, which is architecture. Do you have any advise for me? This is so depressing :( Answer

I’m going to be honest here, I’m surprised that you didn’t realize you would need a portfolio. Architecture Design is designing buildings and other aspects of architecture. You need to be able to know how to draw and know the basics of design. You don’t need to be a master at these things, but you have to show at least a little bit of understand as well as potential. Yes, parsons will help you develop those skills but parsons cannot teach you “to do art”. You can’t teach someone how “to do art”, its something a person just does. Its something that you are passionate about. My father is an architect and architecture is HEAVILY based in drawing. You are going to do A LOT of drawing. Parsons is an art and design school, meaning you need a portfolio to apply. Remember that your first year you will not be doing any architecture at all, Its a foundation year. You will spend the year drawing, painting, sculpting and designing. You will not start architecture until your sophomore year.

If you are having issues figuring out how to start a portfolio then start small. Since you are interested in architecture, draw your house or another building. Just practice drawing. Get a sketchbook, draw every day. Experiment with painting. Paint whatever you feel like. You have to start somewhere though. 

If designing architecture no longer is what you want to do, then maybe look into the Art History Department at Eugene Lane and you study architecture and the history of architecture but you will not be designing anything.