"…and Emma Gerber those fabrics must have taken hours. And they look really pretty." One down, 16 more to go. These are some #meangirls. #parsonsproblems

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Questionis shari diamond a good teacher Answer

I’ve never had her as a teacher but I have a few friends that have/had her for Junior Seminar and none of them really like her. They say she is too nice during crits and her comments don’t really help.


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QuestionHey, so I'm from california and I smoke, but I know they recently changed the law in nyc. Is buying cigarettes there still pretty easy or is the new law very enforced? I will be at Parsons next year and have been curious about this Answer

ummm i haven’t heard of anyone under 21 having issues buying cigarettes. It might depend on where you buy them. I buy mine from bodegas and smoke shops around the city. Im not 21 (yet! only 4 month to go) but I only really carry around a 21+ ID (I think mine says 24 now) so it wouldn’t make a difference to me. Also pretty much all of my friends (that are smokers) are 21+. I don’t REALLY think its enforced too much right now. I think you’ll have better luck at bodega and smoke shops then if you go to like CVS or 7-Eleven.

Honestly speaking though, cigarettes are FUCKING expensive here. Im talking like $12-13 a pack. If you can, buy a carton or two before you come here. or stock up on packs or something. You might also want to consider having your parents/family member (if they know and are cool with it) send you cigs from Cali cause otherwise you are gonna be spending A LOT of money on them in new york. You might also want to consider rolling your own. 



Side eyeing to first years talking about how they hate photography and don’t consider it an art form


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so I’m way happy to say I’m going to Parsons next year for fashion design but i need a roommate! unfortunately i can’t do gender neutral housing until next year so this year i have to room with a dude. if you know anyone who is going who would be cool with a weird very gay gender confused lil bud let me know because I’m so worried that i’ll get roomed with a fedora wearing big bang theory jazz master from the music school :/

Yo, if anyone out there is looking for a roommate (specifically someone who is identifying as male or masculine identified) at the new school next year — check out this guy!


i just. wanna. sleep.

  1. Camera: LG Electronics VX-9200


Do you ever wonder why we do this to ourselves? #pinholestruggles #parsonsproblems

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QuestionWhat kind of financial aid is available? How do students afford the tuition? Answer

hahaha well i hate to be the one to tell you this but A LOT of the students are parsons are fucking rich. And not a little rich, but a lot rich. So theres that way.

The aid they have available is with loans or scholarships. Loans are awarded based the your FAFSA. Scholarships are given one of two ways. Either you are award scholarships based on financial need and they use your FAFSA to determine how many money you eligible for. The other way is talent base scholarships that you are awarded based on your portfolio and parsons challenge.

The other option is to seek scholarships outside of Parsons. There’s College Central and a bunch of other websites that list scholarships you can apply for online. Some of those scholarships are need-based, some are not, some you get by writing essays and submitting work. 

Parsons’ website also lists scholarships you can apply for.