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Questioncan you request to room with someone going to another part of the new school outside of parsons? Answer

Do you mean request a specific person? or request in general that your roommate be from another part of new school?

If its a specific person, then I believe you can (I know you can if you a not a first year or transfer student but I can’t remember if you can request it as a first year).

But you can’t just request that you get a roommate that doesn’t go to parsons…


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QuestionI don't know I'm going to go too parsons in the fall but I did get in. I would like to know what do you know about the fashion marketing program? It's only an AAS so should I go just for a AAS and if I do can I get a good paying job with an AAS in fashion marketing since I don't already have a degree. Or should I try another school and get a BS in fashion marketing Answer

honestly, I know nothing about the AAS Fashion Marketing program. I’ve never actually met someone in it.

But honestly, I can’t make your decision if you want to get an AAS or BS. its completely up to you and what you want to do. I know generally its easier to find a job with a BA but its not impossible to find one with a AAS. Do some research on what the difference is between the two degrees and what kinds of jobs you can get with each and make your decision from there. 

Parsons is not for everyone. It depends on what you want to major in and what you want to do after university. I believe FIT has BA fashion marketing program (i could totally be wrong) and there ARE other schools besides Parsons.

You need to figure you what you want and THEN find the school that fits what you want.



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QuestionIm apply to Parson for Fall 2015 and I'm not sue at all how to start my portfolio, can you please give me some advice? I'm so lost. Answer

the only advice i can really give is to just create something. If you like drawing, draw something every day and start a sketchbook. If you like photography, carry your camera around everywhere and take photos constantly. Just start creating something. Have your friends or siblings (if you have them) model for you, either draw them or photograph them. Go draw or photograph your house in an interesting way. Go explore your neighborhood.

Some art schools has specific things you have to have in your portfolio (like I know RISD wants you to draw a bicycle) so if you are REALLY stuck then you can look up other art school’s portfolio requirements and draw them on your own and include them in your portfolio. 

If you have taken art classes in the past, you can also include stuff you created for those classes. 

I was lucky enough to have gone to an arts high school so putting my portfolio together was pretty easy. The only thing I did extra was add in some photos of my own that I have been taking, but even in high school I was constantly creating work.


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QuestionIs it better to live on campus your first year? Would it effect you a lot if you chose to live in an apartment? (making new friends, getting use to everything etc) Answer

Personally, I think it is better to live on campus your first year. It gives you a better chance to get to know other students, get involved (or not involved) with events in the dorms, get a chance to live in the best areas of the city (20th street is in Chelsea, 13th and Kerry Hall are in Greenwich Village, Loeb and Stuy are in the East Village). It also gives you a chance to learn how to live with roommates. Yes it’s possible that you will have bad roommates and roommates you will hate (unfortunately I hated mine both years I lived on campus) but many people meet great roommates. C (the other person who runs this blog) loved her roommates from freshman year.

So yeah, basically live on campus your first year. It will be easier and you’ll get used to things much quicker.



"…and Emma Gerber those fabrics must have taken hours. And they look really pretty." One down, 16 more to go. These are some #meangirls. #parsonsproblems

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Questionis shari diamond a good teacher Answer

I’ve never had her as a teacher but I have a few friends that have/had her for Junior Seminar and none of them really like her. They say she is too nice during crits and her comments don’t really help.